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SEPTEMBER 06, 2022
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Assessment Availability Period vs. Assessment Duration

If your online assessment has an availability period that spans more than one day, register for accommodations for the first date of the assessment, whether or not you plan to write on the first date.

  • Assessment Availability Period: The period of time that an online assessment is accessible to students. i.e. Students can begin the assessment at any point between x date/time and y date/time.

  • Assessment Duration: The amount of time that students have to write from the moment they begin the assessment. i.e. Students can write the assessment for x minutes.

Use the Alternate Accommodation Registration Form below if you:

  • are registering for accommodations for a make-up quiz, test, exam or online assessment

  • are registering for accommodations for a a deferred quiz, test, exam or online assessment

  • tried but were unable to register for accommodations through the standard accommodation registration link above

  • missed the accommodation registration deadline, noting that accommodations are not guaranteed to late registrants

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