Welcome to Accessibility Services at the U of T St. George Campus

We value a collaborative process with students seeking academic accommodations/support. Therefore, we encourage students to complete our online Student Intake Form to set up an opportunity to speak with an accessibility advisor about your request for services, and the impact of your disability on your academic experiences at U of T.

Completing the questions will help us get a clear sense of your needs while studying at U of T St. George campus, and will help us match you with an appropriate Accessibility Advisor.

Ideally, students come to see us well in advance, before they start classes, so that we have time to put accommodations in place. We are open during the summer months to meet with students who are starting at U of T in the Fall. While we welcome students to register year-round, and there are times when you may have a temporary disability that you could not anticipate, there are some deadlines by which you must be registered to receive certain accommodations within an academic term.

We’re here to help! If for disability-related reasons you cannot complete the Student Intake Form on your computer, please contact our Front Office by phone: 416-978-8060 or email: accessibility.services@utoronto.ca to request a PDF version of the form or to request assistance.  

Contact our Front Office at 416-978-8060 if you would like to book an appointment to receive assistance with filling out the Student Intake Form over the telephone, or to request an appointment to speak with the Intake Coordinator.

To register, students must submit a complete Student Intake Package which includes both the Student Intake Form and supporting disability-related documentation 

We’re here to help!  Please come into our Central Office, or contact our Front Office Team by phone: 416-978-8060 or email  accessibility.services@utoronto.ca for assistance if:   

  • You are unable to complete the Student Intake Form independently online due to disability-related reasons.
    We can offer you an alternate (PDF) version of the form, or provide assistance with filling out the form.
  • You are unsure if you have a disability or should register with Accessibility Services, or have questions about your disability-related documentation. 
    We can book an appointment for you to meet with the Intake Coordinator.


I am an undergraduate or graduate student at another U of T campus. Can I register for services via the St. George Campus?

You must register for academic accommodations at your home campus.

       University of Toronto Mississauga Accessibility Services               

       University of Toronto Scarborough AccessAbility Services

I am already registered with Accessibility Services. Do I need to fill out the Online Student Intake Form again?

If you are currently registered with us and want to submit new, updated, or additional documentation to Accessibility Services, please submit your documentation via the Student Document Upload Portal , or via fax to: 416-978-5729.

If you have not been registered with Accessibility Services within the last academic year, and are returning to studies, you should contact our office to find out about re-activating your registration.

Documentation Requirements

Documentation needs vary depending on disability. In most cases, the required documentation will be the Certificate of Disability (CDIS). Documentation must be written in English or be a verified professionally translated document. For more information regarding documentation requirements pertaining to specific disabilities, see the SERVICE DELIVERY heading on our website: Accessibility Services Registration & Documentation Requirements.

Other supporting documentation which may be helpful for us to understand your disability (e.g. IEP, or documents from other health care providers not listed on the CDIS) can be submitted. While helpful, this documentation on its own, may not be sufficient to receive academic accommodations at U of T.

How do I complete my registration online?

Step 1: Gather required documentation

Before you start filling out the Student Intake Form, please review the documentation checklist below to ensure that you have the necessary documentation.

Documentation Checklist

~ Certificate of Disability Psychological /Psychiatric Evaluation 
~ Psycho-Educational Assessment   
*Assessment must have been conducted in person
~ Neuropsychological Assessment    *Assessment must have been conducted in person
(supplementary documentation only)
~ ADHD Assessment 
~ Speech Language Pathology Assessment
~ Occupational Therapy Assessment 
~ Audiological Evaluation 
~ Other registered health practitioner documentation
(may provide helpful information about disability impacts)

Step 2: Upload your documentation and complete online Student Intake Form

Have your required documentation available in a scanned PDF or similar format (JPG, PNG, TIFF or DOC) before filling out the Student Intake Form.

If you do not have an electronic copy of your documentation or access to a scanner, you can use your phone to take pictures and convert them into a PDF or Word DOC document with an app like iScanner. Using "Adobe Acrobat" you can combine multiple files/documents.

If you do not have your documentation ready to upload, you can still complete the online Student Intake Form today and send us your disability documentation separately.

If you are sending your documentation later, you can upload these via the Student Document Upload Portal.  If your Health Practitioner will be sending these on your behalf, they can submit the documentation via Fax: 416-978-5729.

Have your UTORid or JOINid and password available to upload your documentation and complete the Student Intake Form when you click on the Register button (at the bottom of this page). Please note that the portal does not auto-save or allow you to go back to a previous field within the form. It must be completed at one sitting. 

I am struggling and would like a consult

If you suspect you have a disability or are in the process of being assessed for a disability, you can still complete the online Student Intake Form. Once your form has been received/reviewed, we will contact you regarding the next steps.

Are you ready to start?

Set aside time to complete the registration form without distraction.

For questions that follow, those with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. If you forget to answer these specific questions, you will be prompted to complete missed question before your form can be submitted successfully.

You are able to upload your disability-related documentation (including Certificate of Disability, psychoeducational assessments and Individual Education Plans) at the end of the form. If you experience any difficulty uploading your documentation, please email accessibility.services@utoronto.ca or call 416-978-8060 for assistance.

This online registration form must be fully completed in order to progress to the next steps in the registration process.

Helpful Tips to Navigate the Registration Form:

  • To move forward to each field or section of the registration form, use the Tab on your keyboard or scroll down using your mouse
  • To return to a previous field or section, scroll up through the registration form using your mouse only.
  • To zoom in, use the Ctrl and + or Ctrl+Mousewheel up.
  • To zoom out, use the Ctrl and – or Ctrl+Mousewheel down.
  • To return to the default zoom level, Ctrl+0.
  • For fields that have a drop-down menu to choose a specific response, you can use Page Down on your keyboard, or click on the Ú icon located at the right side of the field.
  • If your online registration session is about to expire, you will receive a pop-up message; click on the ‘OK’ button to continue filling out the registration form.

Do not use the following keyboard or web browser short cuts, as they will end your online registration session: Alt+Left Arrow or Backspace, Alt+Right Arrow or Shift+Backspace, F5, Ctrl+F5, Escape, Alt+Home, ß(Go Back), à(Go Forward) or (Refresh).

Please click on the Register button below to begin.